Learn how to use JavaScirpt and Three.js to create the Red Light/Green Light game from the TV show Squid Game. This is a beginner-friendly game development tutorial.

馃敆 Doll 3D model:

馃捇 Code:

鉁忥笍 Course created by Angle Brace. Check out their channel:

猸愶笍 Course Contents 猸愶笍
鈱笍 (00:00) Intro
鈱笍 (01:30) Setup
鈱笍 (03:40) Three.js Basics
鈱笍 (09:38) Loading 3D Model
鈱笍 (15:46) Doll Class
鈱笍 (18:56) GSAP Animation
鈱笍 (20:58) Creating Track
鈱笍 (27:53) Player Class
鈱笍 (31:46) Keypress Handling
鈱笍 (35:32) Functioning the Doll
鈱笍 (38:13) Game Logic

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