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Have you ever wanted to BETRAY all of your friends? Have you ever wanted to SEE THE WORLD BURN? Have you ever wanted to win 4.56 BILLION WON? Yeah, me too. Wait-

This is all I could ever ask for from a Roblox game. I mean, microtransactions are nice, but I like saving what Robux I have… and I don’t have much.

If this ever becomes a thing in real life, I’m never going to do it. That is, unless I go into debt, like… REALLY far into debt. Dang.

Meat shields- I mean friends



Roblox is an online game platform and creation system that lets you play and program games with online strangers who could be 4 or 90, whichever floats your boat I guess.

Squid game is a Netflix original drama series where hundreds of people have to complete a series of games to win a TON (4.56 billion WON) so they can pay off any debts/have fun/get rich.