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Welcome to my first video of Splatoon’s online multiplayer mode! In this video, we’re gearing up and facing some random players from around the world in Turf Wars!

The goal in this video was to reach Level 4, which allows us to view and purchase some equipment in the stores using money accumulated from going through the campaign mode, amiibo Challenges, and from online bouts. I’ll try out a different weapon in the next video. Thanks for watching!

Timestamps for this video:
Online intro/explanation @00:10
Turf War Match 1 – Flounder Heights @04:00
Turf War Match 2 – Walleye Warehouse @08:19
Turf War Match 3 – Walleye Warehouse @12:43
Turf War Match 4 – Walleye Warehouse @16:58
Turf War Match 5 – Flounder Heights @21:22
Checking out the shops & buying stuff @25:25

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