Dalgona Honeycomb Cookies – It seems there is no one who hasn’t seen the Netflix series “Squid Game”. In episode 3 of the new and cruel series from South Korea, we have all seen the cookie game. A game where the contestants need to separate the shape from the cookie. The cookie is a honeycomb cookie known by its other name; Dalgona cookie. This candy is a famous Korean street food, basically it’s a caramelized lollipop and it’s very easy to make (only 2 ingredients).

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3 tablespoons Sugar
1/8 teaspoon Baking soda

1. Add sugar to a small nonstick pan.
2. Heat over medium heat until sugar dissolves and become liquid.
3. Turn the heat off, add baking soda and stir immediately. The mixture will change its color.
4. Pour the mixture on a parchment paper, gently press the mixture with a flat bottom object such as glass/plate/pan.
5. Using a cookie cutter, press your favorite shape.
6. Let it harden.
7. Try to separate the shape without breaking the cookie in 10 minutes.