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Take look at Netflix’s ‘First Look Trailer’ for Squid Game (Korean: 오징어 게임; RR: Ojing-eo Geim) Season 2 (More info about this video down below!)

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Inspiration behind this video:

While Squid Game’s unpredictability leaves Gi-hun’s season 2 fate ambiguous, his main character status improves his odds of surviving. In Squid Game season 1, Gi-hun makes several morally questionable decisions for survival, but he only does so out of sheer desperation. Even towards the end of season 1, Gi-hun somehow holds on to his humanity. In an attempt to revolt against everything he was put through during the games, he refuses to touch his Squid Game prize money. To conclude his season 1 journey with goodwill, he even gives Sae-byeok’s younger brother Kang Cheol and Sang-woo’s mother a share of his prize.

However, just when it looks like Gi-hun has found redemption, he turns away from the flight that reunites him with his daughter and paces toward the games to seek revenge. Although the plot details surrounding Gi-hun’s Squid Game season 2 arc are shrouded in mystery, it is hard not to wonder how he will fight against the game’s organizers. Will he join the battle royale again as a contestant or use the power of his newfound wealth to duke it out with the battle royale’s bidders? Whatever path he treads, he will likely face even graver challenges and games in Squid Game season 2.

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